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Planned Parenthood in Houston hiding sex ed involvement--again

Disturbing Sex-Ed Program Being Adopted by Many Texas School Systems

     "It's Your Game" in the news

  The following are news stories and articles written during the 4-6 week period of awareness and protest in Cy Fair ISD related to “It’s Your Game”. These links will provide you with additional facts and viewpoints about the program. The contact information for these media resources can be found on the Contacts page.

TV News Stories

Parents express concern about Cy Fair ISD’s new sex-ed program

Parents concerned about sex ed video

Cy-Fair ISD sex-ed controversy

Parents voice concerns about sex ed program

Cy-Fair changes sex-ed program after protests

Controversy brewing over Cy Fair ISD sex ed program

Cy-Fair ISD postpones launch of sex-ed program

TV News Print Stories

‘Shocking’ Middle School Sex Ed Program Likened To Pornography Print Articles

'It’s Your Game' sex ed program targets 7th and 8th graders

UT Houston hiding partnership with Planned Parenthood

UT Houston’s PP curriculum: Groping, shirt lifting video on tap for 8th graders

UT Planned Parenthood sex program blocked

Houston Chronicle Articles

Cy-Fair ISD may drop 7th-graders from sex-ed classes

Cy-Fair ISD revises sex-education program after parent concerns

Houston-area school districts adopt new take on sex ed

Texas Right to Life Article

Game Over for Parental Consent?

Graphic Middle School Sex Class Outrages Parents

The Matt Patrick Show

An interview with a mom and IYG developer - skip to 11:23 in podcast

Cypress Creek Mirror

CFISD delays new sex-ed program for further review

WOG Blog

Planned Parenthood’s 7th Grade Sex Ed Program Features Talking Condoms  Houston, TX