Sex education is a polarizing issue in today’s culture. A search for resources that present the facts and compare programs is virtually impossible. Every internet posting is agenda driven, which is unfortunate, because it alienates one side from the other and a reasoned solution for today’s teens becomes more unlikely. Because our mission is to expose the content of “It’s Your Game”, we automatically get labeled as Neanderthals, fanatics, ignorant and religious freaks. To combat the lies, we want to tell you what WE ARE FOR.


     - We are for the best interest of every child, not agenda driven.

     - We are for age appropriate, dignified, factual and responsible sex education.

     - We are for excellence to be presented to all children, no matter their socio-economic classification.

     - We are for exposing the deception that sex education must be a mirror of our culture.

     - We are for sex education programs that emphasize values and character development.

     - We are for meeting, but not overstepping, Texas State Law requirements.

     - We are for programs that give a very clear abstinence message and not a mixed value message.

     - We are for programs that do not encourage self-guided adolescent decision-making.

     - We are for programs that approach sex education as a serious life altering choice and not a light hearted game.

     - We are for programs that support parental involvement, the importance of the family unit and the value of marriage.

     - We are for programs that discourage casual sexual relations. 

     - We are for sex education that teaches teens to value themselves and others.

     - We are NOT for “It’s Your Game
”.  Houston, TX