Parent Testimonials

     When I finally had the time to look through the mounds of material on "It's Your Game" I not only was shocked by the material and the "hook-up" messages laced throughout, but I felt deceived by the District. Weeks earlier when I had received the packet from my child's teacher, I read the descriptions that were given for each chapter and then based on those descriptions, I went ahead and signed the form and sent it back. That was my first mistake. It was not until a friend called me and asked if I had looked at the material myself, that I actually logged onto "It's Your Game." Before then, I trusted our District to teach our kids appropriate subject matter and really did not give it a second thought. Once I had seen the content, I looked back to the descriptions on the form, and in my opinion, those descriptions did not at all describe what I was seeing on my computer screen. It was at that point that I felt like our district was not being totally forthcoming with the content of this program. In hindsight, I feel like the information was buried in a large document and that most parents did what I did – read the discriptions, trust the district's judgement and not be aware that this was a huge departure from what the district had been doing in the past. All I can say is that I will keep a closer eye on new material coming into our classrooms from now on.

Cy Fair Parent of 7th Grader

     The sad facts are that It’s Your Game gives permission and encourages young children to have sex. Then It’s Your Game explains how to prevent pregnancy’s and sexually transmitted diseases. It’s Your Game does not explain the emotional, social, and physical repercussions that are involved in this very adult decision to having sexual intercourse. The problem not only lies with the program it lies with us as a society. For too long, we said lets deal with the consequences of teens having sex = pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately we are dealing with just the symptom of the true problem which is we have stopped teaching morals, values, and standards to our children.

Nesha Whetstine

     As an RN, I am always excited to see opportunities for our students to gain knowledge about their anatomy and physiology, but this program is WAY more than just Biology. It's Your Game has stepped outside the boundaries of the required Texas "life science" curriculum and is using this format to introduce our children to sexual concepts that are WAY beyond their developmental understanding at 12 and 13 years of age. Even if you don't care about the moral or ethical dimension to human sexuality, I doubt any parent would want your child's formal science/health instruction to include teaching your pre-teen about oral, and anal sex, how-to demonstrations of choosing and using a condom, terms like "hooking up, getting it on, pre-come stuff, getting pissed off" and loads of other hip hop, edgy, urban "no big deal" attitudes. And we wonder why our kids have NO regard to human life or dignity...Don't just sign the consent form allowing your student to be included in the classroom instruction of It's Your Game without knowing what they are really teaching your kids.

Mindy Lucas, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

     "It's Your Game" (IYG) sends very confusing messages throughout the program to preteens and young teens starting to define themselves. The UT developers admit to using inappropriate clothing and language in their attempt to be relevant to today's teens. Skimpy clothes with provocative wording and profanity is not every teen's reality and IYG will have a destructive impact on the shaping of a young person's identity. It betrays the innocent and exalts the shameful. At the end of every lesson I am confused about what message I was supposed to glean from IYG's slick presentation. At a time when our youth are bombarded with destructive and confusing messages from the media, music and the culture, we must be intentional. After 24 hours of lessons, what do we want our teens to come away with? I know one thing, it's not IYG. Life does not equal game.

Jennifer Fleck

     As a parent, I am always interested and concerned about what my kids are learning and, of course, this includes human reproduction as well. I was shocked and appalled to see the actual content of the "It's Your Game" Comprehensive Sexual Education program that our school district was implementing! The content of the curriculum and videos violated our school district conduct code and our gang-free zone. Imagine your child in 7th grade seeing shocking and very inappropriate sexual and drug related material that is against the law?! The agenda of this program is to give students inaccurate, incomplete information while encouraging sexual exploration and promiscuity! Parents should get involved--question, research and verify any and all curriculum that is being taught to their child in public schools from elementary through high school levels. I spoke up against this curriculum and would do it again in a heartbeat! Our children deserve a human reproduction and health unit that not only educates, but also adheres to state guidelines for a majority pro-abstinence message with real verified health statistics/risks while respecting children as having value and merit.

Christine Kalmbach, Parent of a 7th Grader at Aragon

     A still and quiet voice fills my heart tonight as I ponder what we 7th grade parents are fighting for, first of all maybe you don’t even know about this issue about the new sex education program that many schools will start to teach our 7th graders this year, a program that I consider very concerning and highly inappropriate for all children. Many of you are my friends, teachers, acquaintances, sisters in Christ, Brothers in Christ, Family, neighbors, etc. Friends I pour out my concerns to you and I ask for your prayers and I write to you to alert you to simply be aware, be involved in your children’s education, they deserve more than what society is giving them. Our precious children full of love, life and yes at 12 and 13 curiosity, hormones, etc.  I’m certain that all parents will not agree with me on everything and I respect each parent’s role and decision in how you raise you children. To the many parents who do not know about this new material, it is highly immoral. I will be brazen here, who wants to see their sweet and innocent daughter or son exposed to the immorality of sexual education that says safe sex is ok, and here are the three kinds (oral, anal and vaginal). When I first heard this, yes, I could barely get the words out. Yes, parents it makes us a bit sick to our stomachs to talk about this, but this is what they will learn and they will also learn that if you have multiple partners you have to go to a clinic to get checked annually. Parents, please, I beg you not to be blind to the innocence of your children, yes, I have been told that for many it’s a reality that kids are having sex at this age. What child chooses this at this age? We must not tell them that it’s ok; someone must speak out and comfort them, answer their questions and let them know the plan God has for them.

A 7th Grade Parent  Houston, TX