Planned Parenthood Affilliate


     We believe It's Your Game violates existing Texas law.  Texas Education Code 28.004(e) requires any course materials and instruction relating to human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, or human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome to (2) devote more attention to abstinence from sexual activity than to any other behavior.  IYG has a greater devotion to all forms of sex, sexual innuendo, condom comedy, heavy petting, perverted role-plays, etc.

     In addition, we believe the following linked documents evidence an affiliation between the University of Texas Prevention Research Center (UTPRC) and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.  There is current Proposed legislation Senate Bill 521 and House Bill 1057 that would prohibit abortion providers and their affiliates from teaching sex ed in public schools.

     Please review the following documents and judge for yourself.  If an affiliation exists and the bill becomes law, this would provide added reason to disallow UTPRC from implementing It's Your Game in Texas middle schools.

 1.  In October 2012 while parents in Cy Fair ISD set out to remove It's Your Game from their district, the attached screen shot was captured from the UTPRC website naming Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast as a partner agency.  An article ran on and soon thereafter the partnership was deleted.  Before and after screen shots are attached.

 2.  The attached screen shot appears as the last screen of Level 1 Lesson 11 of It's Your Game.  It appears on the student video, but mysteriously does not appear on the teacher version of the video.

 3.  This website was created at the end of November 2012.  In the beginning we linked to YouTube video lesson excerpts of It's Your Game posted by UTPRC.  Those links were quickly disabled.  Subsequently, we linked to video lesson excerpts of It's Your Game posted on the Planned Parenthood website.  The Planned Parenthood web page was immediately rewritten and the videos were removed.  Before and after screen shots are attached.

 4.  We conducted an open record request of all districts using It's Your Game.  The attached page was remitted by Austin ISD.

 5.  The attached pages were found on the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast website as a parent resource.  It includes materials developed by UTPRC, many of which are It's Your Game lesson excerpts.  This page no longer exists.

 6.  The attached pages are screen shots of similar graphics and lessons found on It's Your Game and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.  Although they are not identical, they are clearly created by the same person(s).

 7.  The attached screen shot is a school district in Norwich, New York.  It states that trained educators from Planned Parenthood will be coming into our classroom for a workshop entitled "It's Your Game."  It is described as an HIV, STI and pregnancy prevention program for middle schoolers that focuses on healthy relationship strategies and risk reduction strategies.

 8.  The following is a money trail of grant monies to 15 Planned Parenthood Affiliates, which included a 3 million dollar grant to Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, subcontractor with the University of Texas Health Science Center. 

 9.  The attached article was written in Spring 2010.  The young lady describes her practicum teaching "It's Your Game" to 13-15 year olds as a representative of the University of Texas Center for Prevention Research and Planned Parenthood.  She states that she learned about the high level planning that goes into advancing sexuality education in the school system.  Please notice the bottom left graphic on the page advertising Planned Parenthood premium lubricated latex condoms bragging about its catchy slogan "Proper Attire, Required for entry."

Affiliate - organizations and entities that share common ownership, control, or identification (names, logos, etc.) are also very likely to share the same purposes, goals, or mission and to support financially or physically, directly or indirectly the communication of the same message (Texas Women's Health Program Adoption Preamble)

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