Throughout the process in Cy Fair ISD we went to many meetings facilitated by our district and UTPRC, the developers of “It’s Your Game”. Much of the propaganda, indoctrination and coined phrases were repeated at every meeting. A goal of this site is to urge YOU to get informed, to educate yourself and to demand excellence as a reflection of community values in your schools. Have a response ready for your school, your district, the media and “the experts”. Remember, you are the expert on your children.

UTPRC meeting minutes 6/6/12

Parent Responses to Indoctrination

Congressional Report: A Better Approach to Teenage Pregnancy Prevention - July 2012

October 8, 2012 CFISD Board Meeting Video, includes Parent, District and Trustee comments

Teenage Sexual Abstinence and Academic Achievement

Testimony Before Congress on the American STD Epidemic

The American College of Pediatricians - Abstinence Education  Houston, TX