Our mission is to inform and alert parents about the content of the Sex Education Program "It's Your Game", and share our findings as we search for human sexuality curriculums that reflect our community values.  

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After Removal of “It’s Your Game” Courageous Superintendents of Cy Fair and Galena ParkTexas leadership and Coldspring-Oakhurst declare:

“While abstinence is always the primary message to our students, we must recognize and address the epidemic of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that afflicts our country, including CFISD. We want to adopt a curriculum that will effectively address these concerns while treating the issue seriously and with dignity and respect.”

-Dr. Mark Henry, Superintendent of Cy Fair ISD

“Galena Park ISD is NOT implementing the “It’s Your Game” program in 6th grade or any other grade. Again, Galena Park ISD has not and will not be implementing “It’s Your Game” .

-Angi M. Williams, Ed.D., Superintendent of Galena Park ISD

"I watched several hours of "It's Your Game: and was very unhappy with a lot of what I saw.  For one thing, there was little emphasis on the role of the parents, community, family, teachers, other adult role models, church, etc.  It was much too detailed for that age.  I am glad you ruled it out when a much better option is available."

-Barbara Cargill, Chairwoman of the Texas State Board of Education

""It's Your Game" was put on hold last school year, 2012-2013, at Coldspring-Oakhurst ISD.  It has never been implemented and we have no immediate plans to implement."

-Brenda Krchnak, Assistant Superintendent of Coldspring-Oakhurst ISD

Ask the Board Members of your district if they've seen the computer lessons that accompany the pictures below.

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G7 (Level 1) Lesson 3 – Segment 3 – Reel World Serial

G7 (Level 1) Lesson 8 – Segment 7 – Expert’s Corner

G7 (Level 1) Lesson 10 – Segment 4 and 11– Reel World Serial and Conclusion

G7 (Level 1) Lesson 10 -  Segment 7 & 8

G7 (Level 1) Lesson 10 – Segment 9 – Reducing the Risk

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 - Segment 5

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 - Segment 5

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 – Segment 6 – Experts Corner II – Demonstration of How to Put on a Condom

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 - Segment 6

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 - Segment 6

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 - Segment 6

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 – Segment 7 – Condom Steps Game

G8 (Level 2) Lesson 5 – Segment 7

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